Si par une nuit d’hiver

Les fleurs, Making of, 2001-2006,  36 contact sheets,  24 x 30 cm

The contact sheets united here correspond to the preparatory work for the series Les fleurs (2001-2006). Several years after having finished this project, I decided to integrate the contact sheets to cover one wall, or only hang a few. They are witnesses of a device used for the initial project : the number of flowers that passed the casting, the numerous results obtained depending on the species and the relationship between the colors of the flowers and the background.

Plaques sensibles, 2009, series of 16 images, inkjet print, 24 x 30 cm

These boxes for photographic plates evoke the history of photography and the fantasy of a mechanical image. The lids of these reliquaries of light toy with evocations of speed, truth, perfection, sensitivity or cartographic optics in a glowing lexicon which is reflected by their jaunty graphic design.

Film rouge (Ça tourne !), 2014, video HD, sound, 2’55’’

A windmill and a ventilator. The windmill’s blades and the sound of the motor remind us of the movement of the movie camera which, in this case, has been replaced by a camcorder. The two objects start moving in a minimalistic performance, which is reminiscent of pupets, of pure color and of basic cinematographic principles.

Pop-Up, papers collage, 12 x 12,3 cm

This small collage is part of a work on paper begun in about 2007. A project that is easy to work on and which allows for the recycling of magazines, producing images that exceed our sensitive reality and letting familiar motives resurface, here, the representation of space.

Monochrome blanc, 2017, papers collage, 20 x 27 cm

In Herman Melville's Moby Dick there is a chapter titled "The Whiteness of the Whale". Here is an extract of the images and the adjectives that qualify the whiteness and thus form a new poem and, so to speak, a white literary monochrome. Moby Dick, de Herman Melville, se trouve un chapitre intitulé La blancheur de la baleine. Il s’agit ici d’un extrait des images et des adjectifs qui qualifient le blanc et la blancheur pour former un nouveau poème et, si l’on veut, un monochrome blanc littéraire.

Les pierres tombales, 2006, series of 9 photographs, inkjet print, high 80, length variable.

For this series of headstones, the shooting reflected the shape of the object given that these smooth surfaces dictate the manner in which they would be framed. These pictures minimize the divergence between the object and its representation. These marble surfaces have been eroded in a manner which echoes the process of analogic photography; a relation is established between the nature of the object and the way in which it can be registered.

Collier, 2017, bones, string hanging,  dia 10 cm. approx 4 1/2 meter

The project of the necklace took shape through the collecting of empty marrow-bones wich I then bleached. A purifying ritual that was as unexpected as the whiteness of the bones.  By changing the scale, the object discards its original function and acquires a status between relic and fetish : a motive wich is part of my work, either in my photography or through installations.