The program Landscapes-Afterwar(d)s is part of a continuous research on the memory of the places to the test of wars and conflicts. Landscapes are distinguished from nature insofar as they only exist through those who gaze upon them. A portion of nature is transformed into a representation, an image upon which one can gaze or meditate. Our perspective on them differs depending on the period or the culture. While nature itself is scarred by a violent past, how does the aftermath manifest on a landscape? How does a landscape that has seen crimes of a major scale offer a possibility of bearing witness to that history? Everywhere that conflicts have taken place, the question of landscape is essential in order to rip apart the layers of repressed memory that continue to manifest the reality of what has transpired in a diffuse way despite the passage of time. We will focus upon ways of appropriating a past that resists through representations of landscapes as they are reworked by means of contemporary art, cinema or literature.

Atelier-Laboratory Souvenirs and Landscapes :  Paris - Phnom Penh  2017/18 with the University Paris 8

View of the exhibition, Faux Mouvement Contemporary Art Center, Metz 2018
Running Phnom Penh, digitalized super8 films, silent, loop, installation with cathode ray monitors, 2018

The maddening traffic of Phnom Penh is a melting pot of tuk-tuks, two-wheelers, cars and pedestrians. Filmed in super 8, bodies and faces are the subjects of a montage which attempts to choreograph the effervescent Cambodian capital.

Pop Phsar Kandal, digital images in loop, 2018

Une soixantaine de chemises à fleurs de femmes en mouvement, photographiées de dos au marché Phsar Kandal à Phnom Penh. Les motifs floraux, influencés par la tradition ornementale asiatique, sont intégrés au quotidien dans les habitudes vestimentaires. L’ornemental témoigne d’une tradition ancienne à travers la culture populaire contemporaine, ici véhiculée par l’identité féminine.

LOVE, digital images in loop, 2018

A sequence of images shot at Diamond Island’s amusement park in Phnom Penh. In the deserted streets of Diamond Island’s monumental and kitsch urbanism, the amusement park’s multicolored lights, screams and strong emotions arise as on a dreamlike stage, between enchantment and illusion.